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Basic In And out 

Is your vehicle between details and you just need a good wash? Our basic interior/exterior packages are perfect for the not so dirty vehicle. A small package with a big effect. All of our exterior packages include a paint sealant. So even with our basic package, protection is key. 

More Exterior Detail 

Do you need a little more? Do your vehicle need more attention than you can provide. Call us, we can handle it. 

We use only the best carnauba waxes and high-quality brushes to complete an amazing finish.

More Interior Detail 

Do you need a good detailed interior cleaning? Do you need seat shampooed or conditioning? Cant reach under those seats to vacuum? Are those vents dusty?  This package is for you. 

$30.0​0 extra for same-day service*

What We Will Need From you Upon Arrival:

 1. Remove all child car seats.

2. Remove all valuables.

3. Try to find a shaded area to park in.

 Thanks and we will see you on the day of your appointment.

*Note- We do not come out when the temperatures are below 35 degrees. If on your appointment day temps drop below 35, We will reschedule your appointment for you.

Excessive pet hair and soil fee:

If upon inspection the vehicle has excessive pet hair, trash, or dirt, an excessive trash fee could be charged to the detail package price. You could send pics to or ask for our number to text images to a tech's cell phone, and you will get the exact price.  Fees could be added could range from $20.00 to $150.00

Additional Items to Consider that will affect pricing:

Pet hair. (this can be a nightmare to deal with and largely depends on the type of fabric and the actual pet hair)

Cigarette smoker. (cigarette smoke will/can greatly increase the amount of time to properly clean and deodorize your car's interior. No single solution can completely remove the residual smell of cigarette smoke.)

Heavy-duty headliner cleaning. (As a rule, headliners and sun visors are spot cleaned. If your headliner is exceptionally dirty, additional cost may be required.)

Excessive dirt. (One person's idea of clean is another person description of filth. Excessive liquid spills and dirt will be duly noted and may require additional expense.)

Convertible cars. (If you own a convertible and actually drive with the top down, the same dirt and dust that collects on your paint also collect and accumulate on the inside of your car adding a greater level of dirt that must be cleaned in the interior detailing process. This may result in an additional cost of the detailing process.)

If your car is 5 years and older.

Your car has been detailed by a low-budget detailer that has applied an industrial-strength dressing to the interior that has now accumulated dirt and dust in the interim. This will require extra effort in order to clean this greasy, dirty build-up as a result of using a cheap detail service. (most commonly found at your local car wash)

Excessive Trash Condition

Non- Excessive Trash Condition


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